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Privacy and Online Security

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Privacy and Online Security

As the Internet becomes a more frequent place for us to conduct business and interact with others, the dangers posed by computer hackers, spyware, viruses and other malicious software become more serious. If unchecked, these dangers can threaten personal information and privacy, as well as the security of computer hardware and software. It is important that all consumers take basic steps to secure their computers and network connections.

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, this webpage will be updated with information to help inform and empower consumers and small businesses to take action to protect themselves while online. Several topics will be covered, including Protecting Children in the Digital Age; Protecting Wi-Fi Networks; Tips for Safe Internet Browsing and Transactions; and Tips for Using the Internet Abroad.

Protecting Children in the Digital Age

Children's safety is of paramount importance, whether they are playing outside or surfing the Internet on a home computer. The FCC's Children's Safety page provides practical information for parents and caregivers to help kids make safe, responsible decisions when online. The Federal Trade Commission and National Cybersecurity Alliance also provide helpful tips.

Securing Your Wireless Network

Many consumers and small businesses use Wi-Fi (wireless) networks as a convenient way to connect computers, laptops, and other wireless devices to the Internet. Although Wi-Fi networks provide many benefits, an unprotected network can result in unauthorized use and potential harm unless certain steps are taken. Visit our Protecting Your Wireless Network page for videos, a tip sheet, and a checklist on how to secure a Wi-Fi network.

Tips for International Travelers

When traveling abroad there are extra precautions you can and should take when traveling with electronic devices. Visit our Cybersecurity Consumer Tips for International Travelers page for a checklist of simple measures you can take on your next trip.

Safe Internet Navigation and Transactions

Viruses and malware can wreak havoc on their computer hosts and on other computers connected to the network. Visit our Safe Internet Navigation and Transactions page for information on how to protect yourself from malicious software that may be downloaded to your computer without your knowledge.