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Comment on: Internet and Mobile

January 20th, 2010 by William Freedman - Associate Bureau Chief, Media Bureau

The Future of Media project encourages comments and suggestions on the key questions about the changing media landscape.  This post includes questions about the Internet and mobile media.  (The full public notice can be found here.)

31)  With regard to the Internet and mobile-based applications, which news or information operations are successful, and why?  How should we define success?  Do they tend toward a particular type of information or format (e.g., news, commentary, independent, government-generated, user-generated, advocacy-oriented programming)?  What are the most successful business models (e.g., for-profit, non-profit, subscription, micro-payments, advertising-based)? 


32)  What role will and should user-generated journalism play?  In what ways can it improve upon traditional journalism, and in what ways can it not substitute for traditional journalism? How can the quality and effectiveness of citizen journalism be further improved?


33)  What have been the trends for online advertising in general and specifically advertising supporting news and information parts of websites, both nationally and locally?  How about on mobile platforms?


34)  What might be the role of popular technolgies heretofore associated with entertainment or social interaction, such as gaming systems or social media? 


35)  How would policies related to “open Internet” or “universal broadband” or other FCC policies about communications infrastructure affect the likelihood that the Internet will meet the information needs of communities?  Are there search engine practices that might positively or negatively affect web-based efforts to provide news or information?


36)  Do minority-owned media or media targeted to minority communities use broadband tools differently than other media?


37)  What kinds of digital and media literacy programs are appropriate to help people both use new information and communication technologies effectively and to analyze and evaluate the news and information they are receiving?


38)  With regard to mobile devices, what role will mobile communications services and devices play in meeting the news and information needs of communities during the next five to ten years?  What is the impact of those trends for consumers, businesses and policymakers?  Should that role be reflected in the Commission’s regulation of the industries involved? 


Please weigh in on any of these questions, or offer your own.

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