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Comment on: Newspaper and Magazines

January 20th, 2010 by William Freedman - Associate Bureau Chief, Media Bureau

The Future of Media project encourages comments and suggestions on the key questions about the changing media landscape.  This post includes questions about newspapers and magazines.  (The full public notice can be found here.)

39)  What are the trends in staffing and coverage at newspapers?  Where staffs have been cut, what kinds of staff have been reduced, and what kinds of news coverage have been affected?  What impact, if any, do such cuts and reductions have on the ability of broadcast radio and television, cable, satellite and other electronic media to serve communities’ news and information needs?  What characteristics distinguish newspapers that are relatively healthy from those in less sound financial condition (e.g., size, debt levels, cost structure, circulation patterns, advertising rates, taxes, ownership structure, location, technological innovation, Internet operation, Internet competition)?

40)  What are the trends in staffing and coverage at print magazines specializing in news and information?

Please weigh in on any of these questions, or offer your own.

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