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At the FCC, we're committed to helping consumers through information, complaint mediation, and regulatory policy. We believe that consumers deserve clear, complete information to help them make the best choices in communications services. This Help Center, developed by our Consumer Task Force, will help you get the best value from your telephone, TV, and internet service, file a complaint, or learn about our consumer protection regulations.

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Consumer Alert

  • Verizon Wireless "Mystery Fees": What You Should Know

    On October 28, 2010, the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau and Verizon Wireless entered into an agreement to settle the FCC’s investigation into allegations of unauthorized data charges on Verizon Wireless customers’ bills. The charges at issue were for consumers who did not have a data package or data plan, and were therefore charged at a rate of $1.99 per megabyte (MB) of data used.

Top Consumer Issues

  • Parents' Place

    Get information about how to improve your children's safety in today's complex media landscape, and what the FCC is doing to help.

  • Privacy and Online Security

    Practical tips to help you protect your personal information, keep kids and families safe, and be on guard against Internet fraud.

  • Consumer Broadband Test

    Are you confused by all those ads for "blazing fast" internet plans? Here's what you need to know about broadband speed and how to do a quick speed test.

  • Bill Shock

    Ever have your cell-phone bill jump unexpectedly from one month to the next? Here's what the FCC is doing about this problem – and how you can avoid it.

  • Early Termination Fees

    It can cost more than $300 to cancel a cell-phone contract. Learn what you need to know about early termination fees – and how the FCC is working to make sure consumers are informed about them.

  • Wireless World Traveler Tips

    Planning a trip abroad? Our wireless travel guide will help you stay in touch with your business, friends, and family without racking up a huge bill.

  • Fact Sheet Library

    Look here for fact sheets on emergency communications, broadcast rules, and more than 150 other topics.


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