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Modernizing FCC.gov from the Ground Up

September 22nd, 2010 by Steven VanRoekel - Managing Director, Federal Communications Commission

As IT tides shift in Washington, D.C., the Federal Communications Commission has a special opportunity to become an expert technology agency in the federal government.

We have been hard at work in redesigning FCC.gov: defining personas of citizens and business both current and potential, building our data infrastructure (as I mentioned in my O’Reilly Media Gov 2.0 Summit talk), combing through first-ever site analytics and user surveys, and talking to people both online and off about how they would reimagine FCC.gov.

Today, I'm happy to announce that this agency will be rebuilding FCC.gov using Drupal. This decision is a significant step towards modernizing our own underlying online infrastructure -- a key stage in redesigning and rebuilding FCC.gov.

We're excited to join a group of pioneering agencies and offices -- like Whitehouse.gov, Commerce.gov, and Ed.gov -- that have helped activate a movement that embraces and promotes inter-agency website efforts, while helping to usher in systemic change. As an open source content management system, Drupal also enjoys a robust and active community of users, code contributors, and evangelists. We look forward to engaging with this community to help us innovate and learn, as we build out our own budding community of citizen developers.

We understand that citizen shareholders deserve a government that moves quickly to deliver information, facilitate transactions, and inform and engage Americans. As we continue to reimagine what FCC.gov can -- and will -- be, we're excited to do so alongside the Drupal community.

7 Responses to “Modernizing FCC.gov from the Ground Up”

  1. Fabiano Meneghetti says:

    I'm sure it was an excellent choice!

    Drupal rocks!

  2. Karl Fogel says:

    Terrific news -- congratulations!

    (It's somewhat daunting to realize that even this comment is part of the official record now :-) ).

  3. Jason Ingalls says:

    We are witnessing the next big shift in government IT; the adoption of Open Source software for services delivery, and it is a good thing. Go LAMP, go Drupal!

    Jason Ingalls
    Ingalls Information Security LLC

  4. Tim Wooten says:

    That's great! Drupal is growing by the day.

  5. Jonathan Lambert says:

    Welcome to the Drupal family! I'm excited to hear more-and-more Gov't projects are leveraging Open Source projects — it's definitely a trend!

  6. Tim Bertrand says:

    Excellent! Dries was very happy to hear this today!

    Best regards,
    Tim Bertrand
    Acquia, Inc.

  7. Ryan Szrama says:

    Excellent news! Best of luck with the new platform.

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