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Digital Learning in the 21st Century

March 8th, 2011 by George Krebs

From Des Moines to Charlottesville school districts across the country are making sure there is a laptop in the hands of every high school student. California’s e-textbook initiative augurs the nationwide rise of digital course materials. Teachers now use web videos to reinforce the quadratic formula or impart a civics lesson. Technology is moving forward. Our classrooms and our curriculum need to catch up.

We’re joining with the New York City Department of Education tomorrow morning for an event on digital learning in the 21st century. We’ll speak on the promise of wireless and present a roundtable on the future of K – 12 education, as America begins to employ digital learning solutions. This includes the adoption of digital textbooks and the possibilities of wireless technology to enhance learning in the classroom. Wednesday’s event will explore both the benefits and the obstacles to this shift. The event will take place tomorrow, March 9 from 10:30am to 12:15pm at the NYC iSchool at 131 6th Avenue, at Dominick Street.

Sharing the stage with Chairman Genachowski at the roundtable is a handful of the nation’s standouts in education, from both the public and private sectors. This includes Sharon Greenberger, COO of the NYC Department of Education; Alisa Berger, Principal of NYC iSchool, our host; Matthew Small, Chief Business Officer at Blackbord; and other luminaries.

There’s no better school to debut this initiative and hold this roundtable than the NYC iSchool. The iSchool, which introduced its first class in September 2008, looks to set the bar for 21st century learning. The innovative high school incorporates cutting edge technology into students’ everyday learning and both its teachers and students make it a central part of their mission to harness these tools. To learn more about the NYC iSchool, check out this video.

Join us. If you’re in the New York City area tomorrow, the event is free and open to the public – though we’d appreciate your pre-registration. Send an email with your name, organization name (if applicable) and phone number to diglearning [at] fcc [dot] gov.

5 Responses to “Digital Learning in the 21st Century”

  1. milan says:

    "Digital Learning in the 21st Century" is one of great concept to improve the knowledge about digital product. It is very useful for all type of learner.

  2. Guest says:

    We love this idea and wish we could be there! Our users are infiltrating classrooms across the world and Discover, Learn, and Play is making music education available to all interested learners via technology. Have a super event!

  3. william johnson says:

    I like your concept about ischool where students can learn more and easily via technologies.

  4. Roseann Norman says:

    This is a nice thought.. students don't like forcing and if we provide them a positive environment they will educate a lot.
    I respect the authors thought.

  5. Lorenzo Orlando Caum says:

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