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Auction 87 Online Tutorial

Posted March 31st, 2010 by Craig Bomberger

The FCC has developed a new interactive, online auction tutorial to replace our long-standing practice of hosting live auction seminars and streaming them over the web (although we could still hold a live seminar in addition to providing the tutorial if desired for certain auctions).  We believe that this tutorial will allow us to provide high-quality training materials to potential auction applicants in a more user-friendly format.  The tutorial software allows interested viewers to choose the specific materials they wish to view and to do so whenever and as often as it is convenient and useful. 
The first auction for which the FCC has posted a tutorial is Auction 87, the upcoming auction of licenses for lower and upper paging bands spectrum, which is scheduled to begin on May 25, 2010.  The tutorial is available here. This video provides a brief demonstration of the new tutorial:


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The World Radiocommunication Conference

Posted February 26th, 2010 by Alexander Roytblat

The World Radiocommunication Conference (or WRC) is an international treaty-level forum held by the International Telecommunication Union (or ITU) (a United Nations agency) about every four years.  At the WRC countries decide on the sharing of frequency spectrum to allow the deployment or growth of all types of radiocommunication services such as wireless, broadcasting, satellite, aeronautical and other services.  Because WRC decisions have such wide-reaching effects on U.S. and international radiocommunication industries, the preparations for this conference begin several years in advance.  During the WRC preparatory phase, long term goals and positions that would benefit the U.S. government and commercial industry are developed. 

To identify the public interest for various items to be addressed by WRC, the FCC established a forum, WRC-12 Advisory Committee (WAC), in which the public can provide its views and recommendations to the agency.  The WAC is established under the Federal Advisory Committee Act.  The WAC is chaired by private sector representatives and has an open membership structure.  The FCC takes WAC recommendations in to account as it develops positions for the WRC based on the public interest standard.  In parallel, NTIA works with the Executive Branch agencies to identify their priorities for the conference.  Subsequently, the FCC and NTIA reconcile any differences and formulate joint recommendations to State Department which has overall responsibility for U.S. preparations and participation in the WRC.  This approach increases the opportunity for information exchange, and benefits everyone involved.

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Wireless Mics

Posted January 21st, 2010 by Rachel Kazan - Chief, Consumer Affairs & Outreach Division, CGB

As the last step in the digital television (DTV) transition, the FCC is embarking on an aggressive outreach campaign to ensure that users of wireless microphones are aware of the Commission’s rules to cease operations in the 700 MHz Band no later than June 12, 2010.  This outreach is necessary because using a 700 MHz wireless microphone can cause harmful (and potentially life threatening) interference to public safety communications, and impede the successful roll out of important new commercial services.  It also is important for the public to understand that these rules do not affect all wireless microphones – only those that operate in the 700 MHz Band.

The FCC has three simple goals in this outreach campaign.  First, we want to make people aware that they cannot use a 700 MHz Band wireless microphone after June 12, 2010. Second, we want to help people determine if their wireless microphone is a 700 MHz Band wireless microphone. Third, we want to help consumers determine whether or not they can retune their wireless microphone or if they will have to replace it.

To further this outreach, we have developed a helpful Internet tool for wireless microphone users. This website is designed to help wireless microphone users whether or not their microphones are currently operating in the 700 MHz Band.  By simply clicking on the hyperlink “Manufacturers Equipment list,” consumers will be directed to a page that contains a comprehensive a list of wireless microphone manufacturers.  At that point, a consumer can click on the manufacturer of their wireless microphone and then scroll down to see if his or her model is listed.  If it is listed, the equipment must be retuned or replaced.  If the manufacturer is not listed, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of the device or calling the FCC at 1-888-CALL -FCC.  An FCC representative will help determine if the wireless microphone is on the 700 MHz Band.   In addition, the website has links and phone numbers for wireless microphone manufacturers as well as a page of Frequently Asked Questions.

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