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September 14th, 2010 by Steven VanRoekel - Managing Director, Federal Communications Commission

The FCC is proud to announce this Tuesday's Developer Release: FCC License View.

FCC License View is a tool designed to make FCC license management information more transparent and accessible to a broad range of users.

This release follows last Tuesday's launch of a suite of developer tools and APIs, including the FCC License View API.

FCC License View is an initial release of functionality from the FCC's ongoing Consolidated Licensing System (CLS) project. Thanks to efforts stemming from our the new Data Innovation Initiative, our team was able to expedite the release of FCC License View for speedy release to the public.

FCC License View is available now at http://fcc.gov/licenseview.

Last week at the Gov 2.0 Summit here in Washington, D.C., FCC leadership reaffirmed our commitment to providing powerful, innovative tools into our robust community of developers. Today's release marks our ongoing progress towards those goals -- and the first in a regular release schedule of tools and tweaks.

With this new tool, users from across private and public sectors can digest complex licensing info through a simple and easy-to-use dashboard. FCC License View lets users digest snapshots of FCC license management data that are at the core of the agency’s mission. At launch, FCC License View lets users explore over 3 million total licenses, 2 million of which are active.

This consolidated portal allows users of FCC License View to access information on the number of different licenses across services, the number of licenses owned by particular entities, and which licenses are up for renewal in the future.

The underlying dataset is composed of data across the FCC's five licensing databases, and gives users three options -- HTML pages, raw data files, and Application Programming Interaces (APIs) -- through which to access and reuse agency data.

Get started using FCC License View now, then make sure to leave us your feedback and sign up for our FCC Developer community.

2 Responses to “FCC License View”

  1. Garrett Cobarr says:

    True congratulations!

    The FCC is looking and more like it is part of the tech sector, tight, slick and one step farther as a public institution, -transparent. I wish all federal agencies would follow suit.

    The next step:
    We need to get this country, both at the federal / congressional and at the public level, to fundamentally understand how important the broadband issue is to our economic well being.

    My fear is that we will continue to have arguments about government versus private sector oversight on broadband and telecom issues and continue to slip in world prominence and competitiveness. Without the raw materials, pervasive, affordable broadband, no Internet economy can be built and expanded.

  2. Guest says:

    The FCC Has ask input about Changing CFR-47 Part 95 To End As a UHF-FM GMRS Repeater Owner there are some Things we can work with But i Have Issue with ( 1 )Doing away with License of GMRS ( 2 ) Not let us Repeater on GMRS I Say NO to this
    A bad And Take Away The Frequency That are Now FRS Frequency and give them so GMRS Licensed Operates and Alls Keep
    CB Radio But Make every on has a Radio Have Licensed And make on CB Channel 9 Make it a National Emergency Frequency \
    The Same with GMRS Radio Frequency on 462.675 MHZ
    Lige Turner KAF2106 GMRS Repeater

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