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If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

July 29th, 2010 by Pam Gregory

As you may have heard, the Federal Communications Commission had a blow-out celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act 20th Anniversary.  We partnered with the White House and the U.S. Department of Commerce and held a big, I mean B-I-G event on July 19th.  To learn more about those events, please read this blog post.  The FCC also made two videos.  The first video is of the FCC’s own George Krebs touring the Technology Expo.  You can see from the video how crowded the Expo was, and during their tour, they stopped at several booths and asked questions about the various technologies.  The video is open captioned, and captures the fun and positive energy in the room.  When you watch it you will feel like you attended this in person!

The second video was titled “Celebrating Progress: ADA 20th Anniversary” and was shown at the program in the Department of Commerce’s auditorium.  It is twenty minutes of film clips interviewing twenty-two leaders in the disability community on their stories, before the ADA, with the ADA, and what they hope for the future.  It was amazing that so many VIPs were able to give up their time for the interview, and even more generous, opened their hearts telling compelling stories about disability access (or sometimes lack of access).  We all felt uplifted by their stories, and left on a high of what truly is possible when barriers are broken and minds are opened.  The video will be posted on our Internet site in its entirety this fall, with full footage of the leaders. 

When you get a chance, take a look at both videos—they will make you laugh and inspire you!


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  1. Stutter says:

    Before I moved from a area that had Broadband to a area that I found out that didn't have broadband. I was using VoIP like Ventrilo to talk to my gaming friends. Using Ventrilo helped with the stuttering that I have. Since I had to stop using Ventrilo because of being in a area that only has Dial-up and I can't do it the stutter has started to come back because my way to get rid of being nervous is Gaming and talking over Ventrilo over the net but I can't do that now. With Ventrilo it got me to take my time and think it over before I try to say it. So for me to keep stuttering under control is the need for broadband that can do realtime data for Ventrilo and other VoIP.

    Ventrilo and Video Games need real time functions and satellite internet does not have that. There is no WiMAX, 4G, DSL. I can't use 3G because of the 5GB limit. The only High-speed internet that I have is through my Cell phone but I can hook it up to the computer for the internet.

    People that stutter also tend to be given a hard time.

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