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A Look at the ADA 20th Anniversary Showcase

July 26th, 2010 by George Krebs

Twenty years ago today congress passed the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act. A week ago the FCC celebrated this milestone with an exhibition and program showcasing the advances made in assistive technology. See our video below for a look at the event.


(Video and production credit: Jenny Hou)

2 Responses to “A Look at the ADA 20th Anniversary Showcase”

  1. Guest says:

    For all this when they feel like it big business still ignores the act!

    I have a "moderate to severe" hearing loss so I have toruble talking by telephone, yet Bank of America will ONLY give me phone access to th emortgage restructure program (HOPE) for my house!

    I have no idea what they asked, but they have been rejecting my applicaiton for 18 months now!

  2. Jim Tobias says:

    As a techie, I love these shows. But I'd feel better about feeding my jones if I thought that more than a tiny fraction of people with disabilities actually had these solutions. I encourage the FCC to expand its exemplary activities on the "soft" side of accessible technology: market research, outreach, awareness, product information, etc. Every dollar spent there will pay off in increased inclusion; X-Prize style photo opps perpetuate the problem.

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