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Unleashing Spectrum For Mobile Broadband

June 18th, 2010 by Julius Genachowski - Chairman, Federal Communications Commission.

One Response to “Unleashing Spectrum For Mobile Broadband”

  1. Johnathan says:

    While opening the MSS band for competition is positive step to foster competition in the marketplace, I'm stymied at the complexity of freeing 120Mhz from the Broadcast UHF band. While repacking, channel sharing, and incentive auctions are all interesting ideas, albeit laden with inherent challenges. Why would the FCC carry on with allowing "NEW" applications for LPTV and Translator stations late next month. I could understand this as a mechanism to finish the DTV transition, but allowing new applicants to enter the marketplace would just furthur complicate the process to achieve the 120Mhz benchmark. Repacking and channel sharing would then become obsolete and incentive auctions would tender a higher price tag with greater difficulty in achieving one's goals. Given the 1000+ applications one entity has already filed in the rural markets, it would be a safe assumption that the UHF band would in short order become full of speculators looking to cash in on the mobile broadband future. I reference 09-1487 and 09-2611.



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