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Your input matters - Consolidated Licensing System (CLS) outreach continues

May 21st, 2010 by Dorothy Stifflemire

Following our first CLS Public Workshop on May 6th we are actively continuing our efforts to get customer input.  On May 18th we were invited to hold a CLS brainstorming session at the Spectrum Management Association Conference in Arlington, VA.   

This was a very active session reinforcing many of the insightful suggestions we received at the earlier workshop.  The participants at this session included: licensee, third party filers, and other federal government agencies.  Many of the participants offered a unique perspective and very valuable feedback. 

The suggestions ranged for recommendations for improving the access, and search capabilities to our licensing data, to collecting additional technical data in CLS.  Participants also offered suggestions on cleaning up the data in the Commission Registration System (CORES) and recommended creating linkages between the Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) Database and CLS.

The recommendations did not stop there; we went on to discuss enhanced mapping capabilities as well as the need for user testing, training and manuals as we move forward with the new system.

When addressing participants at the CLS Public Workshop on May 6th Mary Beth Richards, Special Counsel to the Chairman on FCC Forum reinforced that we need to hear from you.  She asked participants “to please be forthcoming, and creative, and that we look forward to hearing from you.”  It was obvious at this session that our customers are up to the task. 

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