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August 18th, 2009 by Admin User


Online Colleges – 9:40PM EDT
The title is like a song and the video is cool!


Guest – 12:49AM EST
I wonder who the hell reads these things......I never rec'd a reply from anyone at the FCC when I said a couple months ago we had a patent application moving thru the system which will answer this problem. Of course the USPTO is about 1000 people understaffed and has been for the last 3 admisistrations. I don't know what this country is coming to but given we have a solution for the
" Wireless Last Mile" and can't call. Pretty soon we can all simply go to the Post Office to share our ideas. TheHealthyBroker at Yahoo


Guest – 3:28PM EST
When is the FCC going to do something to protect us consumers who are being ripped off by AT&T, which advertises a service, sells the equipment -- and then fails to provide the service for which we are paying? That's called FRAUD, people!!! A used car dealer could not get away with selling a car with certain advertised capabilities which does not run, so why is AT&T allowed to continue to sell equipment and a service that does not work?

Never mind the technical discussion; AT&T executives should be perp-walked off to jail for FRAUD. When is the FCC going to wake up and start protecting the American consumer???


Guest – 1:44PM EST


Guest – 7:45PM EST
I have a lot to say, but it seems my first two attempts did not take. So...
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog's back. 1234567890

Or is the age of the teletype forgotten?


Guest – 3:09p, EDT
When will the FCC help NTIA bring an end to the ICANN travesty ?

The U.S. Congress has mandated that by the end of this month.

As part of that, when will the FCC level the IANA (ICANN) IPv4 Address Space SPECTRUM playing field ?

How does AT&T obtain /8s directly from ICANN ?
032/8 AT&T Global Network Services 1994-06 LEGACY

Why are other providers required to pay spectrum taxes to ICANN RIRs ?

What does ICANN do with $250,000,000 per day from cyberspace taxes ?


Saint Gabriel – 5:52pm EDT
The Broadband is an excellant idea for the Government offficials as well as thte citizens I am afraid of terrriost activity and I can engage and unerstand the Government a littel better on My Time not Televison time and a littlet less hype from the Media. Our Fine Governmnt officials are in grave danger. I Fear for there lives. I pray for the War to stop and for us to be out from under the umbrella of War…Peace and understanding is more than what I can offer..Love..Love…Love..It is all about us trying to understand the truth so we can Love each other and move around in a safe enviroment. Love for the People…I Know that we are understanding Peace and we want to Love all of our people.
Love all of our People…With Dignity and Respect for each and every Person..Fear and Anxiety is all over our Governmnet and God only knows why we Know to cut the Greed and let Money go. Eventually..Because of the Global Weather Conditions all we can do is take care of the Dead and dying. I do not want any responsibilty of being a Hench man and make a mistake and let anyone person die..Love…Love…Love…love…..

Wayne – 10:42am EDT
Mr. Chairman, I really don’t see the need in the FCC gaining the power to shut the internet down in case of emergency? This is when you would want it to be up to warn the people not cut them off from it. Obama is trying to grow the government too big to fast. He thinks that the faster he moves bills through the more power over our lives he can control. I have a question for you Mr. Chairman, have you ever thought about what shape this country will be in, in three more years if Obama gets his way with all his legislation’s? Big government is not needed in the cyber world. There is too much big government in other things that need to be backed off and let the free market fix the problems. In my opinion the FCC does not need this much power because it could lead to losing our freedom of speech, and the wouldn’t be very healthy!


Mike H. – 2:40pm EDT
Twitter twitter tweet tweet-see the the government employee working hard for the American people gee golly.

Mike H. – 2:37pm EDT
These blogs are a poor way of communicating policy-what ever happen to a simple press release? The White House website is incredibly confusing as our most of the agencies. These blogs seem to be blurring the line between propaganda and facts-way too cute for me.

Irma Robinson – 3:25am EDT
I have been writing the former FCC for years and all I get back is a form letter. I have done as the FCC said to do :call write and email the network that offends, demean,etc. to the stations, ect. As a life long (67 year old)African-American with a degree in African and African study, I consider myself an expert on racism, prejudice and bias. I also am an expert on NEWS being false and manipulated when I see it.

But, every since we have had a Black president, the cable news Fox network has become a danger to my race. They are more of a threat to our childern of all races, sex, religions and every other thing that can go with them trying to prove that President Barack H. Obama is a major threat to this country!!!

To all of the members working in this FCC, I (and my neighborhood community group)Now turn to you for help in listening to what we have to say about the Fox network that comes into our homes without any before warning that what we are about to see maybe harmful to our family especially to our children. example,

The fox network from 5 pm to 9pm on September 2, 2009 was all to put stress on how much “danger” our children were from such an anti-American he (our president )is and he must be stopped from teaching Black children to become just like him. I said Black children because it seem that on the Sean Hannity program they only showed our president talking with only Black children as if it was to teach them along on what to do to the other children.

I may not have paid this exchange bewteen Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin if I had not seen on MSNBC’s Count Down a Dan savage saying how fox has Glenn Beck using that network’s TV program to get the President killed!!!I know that locally we have been saying how these town Halls were not just about the health care reform bill and here it was being seen and said as we have been saying since the Palin rallys.This also was said about this has been going on since this time in the country.

Sir, me and my friends are from the deep south and we grew up with this kinds of out racist the next racist to get elected. I repeat, I am an expert in this just from life experiences. All we ask is a reply to how do we get you to listen to what this email is about. I also repeat we have 5 years of form letters on this matteralready.We do expect more from the new administration.

Where do we turn to get an investigation about this danger coming into our homes without any warnings?we all teach our children to respect our president even the White ones.(smile)and thank you so very much.

Todd Druien – 2:10am EDT
I have a major problem and I feel the public should know about it. Although this may be the wrong thread I will post here since I stumbled onto this post from the White House’s website and feel the audience may be appropriate. The problem is with E911 implimentation for cellular networks. When someone dials 911 from thier home number the operator recieves the number’s street address. In the past if you called 911 from a cell phone they would have to ask you where you were. E911 is the program that pinpoints the location of a cell phone that dialed 911 and delivers that information with the incoming call to 911 operators just like a call from a landline. There are situations where the person dialing would not be able to verbally tell their location and this information could save lives. Thus it was put into law that cellular networks must install, impliment, and maintain E911 equipment, software, etc. Clearly this was done with the best intentions.

The problem is E911 implementation is quite expensive, and to a small company like mine.. very expensive. When I say “mine” I am not saying I own the company, I am stating I work there with a sense of pride. Our network is built out to include local small cities and rural areas that the big companies don’t see as profitable places to build towers. And it’s true that some of our sites are not profitable, but we provide service in areas that would otherwise not have any coverage. We don’t have a lot of subscribers in these areas but since the big companies won’t build there, we make roaming money when their customers make a call through our network which helps us keep sites operating. The law gave us a deadline to purchase, install, program, and test E911 compliance, AND clearly states in the law that companys can ask for money to cover the costs of doing so. However, we have been in a battle for a year now trying to get money for this implimentation. There are several different PSAP’s as well as the State demanding we comply NOW but each has different answers as to how we get money for this. Some say we get nothing, others will pay a fraction of cost to start the service, and others say they will pay a little each month for the upkeep. Full implimentation would cost us around $700,000. There was money allocated for these costs but we cannot get it for some reason. The large companies are self financing the costs by charging each customer 50 cents a month. This works for them because they have 80 million subscribers. We only have about 5,000 subs. Charging each one 50 cents isn’t going to pay off a $700,000 loan with intrest.

Which brings us to September 2, 2009… With demands for E911 compliance for sites in operation for one PSAP threatening $10,000 a day fines and no funding to achieve this, we had no choice but to turn off a large portion of our network to avoid being fined. So instead of allowing us to provide service where no one else will and simply asking the person calling 911 where they are, now you can’t dial 911 at all. We may not have had many subscribers in this area, but it is a large area, and with no service from any other companies, anyone involved in an accident on the highway or medical emergency or a grass fire, etc will have to try to get to the nearest landline to dial 911.

Good Luck to all involved. Our lawyers will do every thing possible to get service back up as soon as possible, IF possible. Until then I will pray we don’t have to disconnect anpther PSAP and that I can retain my job.


DeirDre Ginyard – 8:47pm EDT
I am concerned about safety issues. My email has already be hijacked twice (Yahoo). The FBI and other relative sites, sit helples, and tell me there is nothing they can do, short of death threats. It keeps me from feeling safe, when simple email is stolen (with information) and I have no protection or rights.

What are your plans around this issue, that will allow all of America to have access in a new and much larger window of use.


Keith Osborn – 10:41am EDT
The Gadberry Group builds a U.S. national data product that is being used by organizations responding to the Broadband Stimulus Program.

The MicroBuild Broadband Served Indicator data package at the block level includes the following:
Broadband known to be is use (yes or no)
Cable, DSL or both in use if known
Best Lat/Long
MicroBuild® Current Resident Households and Population
Urban/Rural Indicator
Population Current Year per Square Mile

In addition to the block level data, we can also provide the data at the address, zip+4 or at U.S. National Grid.

Keith Osborn
Household Geo-Demographic Data Consultant
The Gadberry Group


Tester 1 – 8:56am EDT
This is a test from tester 1.

Tester 2 – 8:58am EDT
Testing and more testing …


Guest - 4:15pm EDT
Maybe this is covered somewhere else and I just didn’t see it.
My question is Are you kidding me?
I (the tax payer) have already paid to help my neighbor get a new truck while I drive an 11 yr old 200,000+ mile car because it didn’t qualify and I can’t afford a new one. He is planning on buying a new washer and fridge in the fall once that incentive starts while I don’t even have washer hookups to put one.
And now I get to pay for him to have free internet to sit in his living room and download porn. Yes, I can see his computer as I walk by to my apartment and he’s always watching porn.
Why in the world would someone decide a single mom, who lost her job with the school district in CA and now has to put her child in daycare while she works as a receptionist at a pay cut was a good source for funding for other people to have brand new stuff and services?


Guest – 9:59am EDT
Writing for the three-judge panel of Circuit Judges Rogers, Tatel and Kavanaugh, Judge Rogers summarized: “The Commission failed to satisfy the notice and comment requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act (’APA’) by redacting studies on which it relied in promulgating the rule and failed to provide a reasoned explanation for its choice of the extrapolation factor for measuring Access BPL emissions.”

Guest – 9:53am EDT
What kind of interferance is this going to generate? I am told I will not be able to use my AM radio and listen to Rush. Which you want to take of the air anyway.

Guest - 8:38am EDT
What are the FCC going to do about the Noise this put out..
I hear I will not get to listen to my am radio if I am near a power line with Broadband.


Guest – 10:44pm EDT
Well, the name “broadband” came from a term used to call a loosely formed group of old folk singing broads. Y’see, in my days, only those loose moral women doing such things in the privacy of home or in a garage or even backhill by where now Jimmy “Jimbo” Johnston lays in his grave (rest his soul, old Jimbo) got together prancing and singing like them negro boys by Wilkin’s farm.

So I guess, what I’m trying to say is, broadband means band made up of broads.


Guest – 11:27am EDT
This would be really great if the system wasnt so broken, capitalist driven, and 3world bound by a treasonous government that has sold our legacy down the river already. Thanks less than zero!


OBIfan – 5:58pm EDT
Statistics are no substitute for judgment… IN BED!!!!!!
No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking… IN BED!!!!!

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